Water Service

About Our Delivery Service

We deliver a wide variety of products on a schedule of 3-to-5 weeks depending on your location! Please Call 320-564-3360 if you would like any of the following products delivered.

5 Gallon Nature Drinking
5 Gallon Kandi Drinking
5 Gallon Chippewa Spring Water
1 Gallon Kandi Drinking
1 Gallon Kandi Distilled
10oz Kandiyohi
16.9oz Kandiyohi
20oz Kandiyohi

Softener Salt:
Blue Solar (Extra Clean) – 40lb Bag
COM-PAC (Rust-Out) – 40lb Bag

Cooler Rental:
Rent a 5-Gallon water cooler for a monthly charge, if it breaks on you we replace and maintain at no additional cost. Hassle free!

Refer a new customer for cooler rental with water and you will receive a $25 credit for each referral. Water or salt referrals will receive a $15 credit for each referral. Credit used for water/cooler bills or in-store credit only!

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